Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Veggie on the Run...

Well, today was my first school day of the 2010 spring semester. My first day at school as a veggie - how exciting. This semester I've opted for shorter class times and multiple class days - which means I'm at school pretty much all day. Honestly, I was a tiny bit nervous this morning because I knew my 2nd class was in waitlist status and I really needed it this semester. Which means: I didn't eat breakfast. Such a bad idea! I grabbed a banana on the way out the door, but didn't eat it until around 12:30. However, I did breeze through the cafeteria and scoop up a slice of veggie pizza. Not exactly health food, but definitely veggie.

OMG - I just realized that I had root beer with my pizza! Until this very moment, I wasn't even aware I had broken one of my rules!! Talk about subliminal programming...I'm really gonna have to pay attention to that from now on!

Oh well, lesson learned! In case you aren't aware, Sacramento is in the middle of a crazy rainstorm right now with high winds - kind of makes you forget about food! When I finally got home, I made a quick peanut butter sandwich using some small, very brown and nutty, super-healthy bread. It made me feel like one of those health food nuts in the movies, lol. No more soda - Pellegrino's instead :) Also, threw together a quick cole slaw salad to rest in the fridge - maybe I'll toss the butternut squash in the oven tonight and have the warm butternut and cold cole slaw. Hmmm...

Honestly, I was a little worried about eating during school (and on the run in general), but after today I'm reassured. Although I did walk past a food stand making hamburgers and will admit to half-closing my eyes for a moment and turning my head toward the aroma. Fortunately, I quickly came to my senses, reminded myself exactly WHY I have chosen a veggie lifestyle (perhaps the topic of a future post), and sauntered on past without a care. Oh...so many temptations!!

Now, I'm full, tired and really starting to think about that butternut...I've never cooked or eaten it before so I'm very curious - everyone says it's wonderful, including Mrs. Chic! Also thinking about quick snacks I can toss in my bag such as raw almonds (love 'em), baggie of granola, baggie of baby carrots, pretzels, apple, small container of yogurt, dried fruit, sugar peas - and I guess I could actually make a sandwich (PB&J, tomato, cheese & avocado), lol. Now that I think about it, I have a cupboard full of Atkins food (shakes and bars) from a few months ago when I thought I'd try that path to health. Too much meat for me - even then. However, the shakes and bars have a lot of great nutrition and are high in protein. So that may be a good use for them. The only downside is the ingredients include sucralose as a sweetener which I am trying to avoid. So perhaps I'll use up those dietary supplements over the next few weeks while getting my new veggie rythm down.

Woohoo! I'm so glad to be back in school! I'm a total dork - but I don't care!

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  1. It's all that sneaky advertising they do in cafeterias! Almost all lunchs come with soda. Good idea to bring snacks with you. I love carrots chips with onion dips - super yummy!


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